He is Everything. Everything is He

I wrote the following as a comment on Digg this morning:

“He is Everything. Everything is He. Have you ever heard the story about the guy walking through the desert and looks back at his footprints? Of course you have, everyone has. So this fella looks back and sees that every time there was a downhill slope there were TWO sets of footprints, but every time there was an uphill slope there was only one. So the dude says to God, he says, ‘Hey, Why is it that you walked with me when the trail was easy but you deserted me when the trail was hard?’ and God replies, ‘Whadaya mean, He says. ‘When you were goin’ downhill I kept you company, but when you were going uphill I carried you!’

This is an old parable and it sure makes a lot of sense. He is with us always, and He doesn’t mind carrying us……He literally has nothing else to do but be everywhere all the time.

He IS Everything. Everything IS He. That’s written in ALL the books, I’m sure of it. I haven’t read them all, but I’m pretty sure that His omnipotence is a recurring theme. God created the universe in His own image. God is the universe. He is Everything. Everything is He. It’s the only way any of those books make sense.”

I dunno, I may have been off the mark. I’m curious to know where you think I made a mistake.

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