My girl

I wrote this poem because . . . well . . . if you know my wife, then you know why I wrote it . . .

My girl is the best girl in the world!
She’s always got my back.
She always makes me laugh. She and I always have a good time.
She has this goofy grin – maybe you’ve seen it.

She talks in her sleep – and all she says is love.
She is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Maybe you’ve heard of her?
If you haven’t, her name is Sarah.
I love my girl.
My girl is the best girl in the world!


One response to “My girl”

  1. Who could ask for a better guy? You make me smile in the morning and afternoon even the evening too. You are my best friend my husband my lover my confidant. How did I get so lucky? Who would have ever thought that I would find someone who loves me the way you do.
    You are amazing and brilliant, wonderful, incredible, sexy and tender man I have ever known. I will forever stand beside you and support you through all ups and downs. You are my rock and maybe sometimes I will need to be yours.
    You are my favorite! You are the greatest person who has ever become a part of my life. You have a lot to do with who I am today and I am so grateful…..honored. Thank You……………I love you………………forever.

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